Firefly IT Asset Recovery, Inc. is an environmentally dedicated green enterprise that focuses on the purchase/buyback of end-of-life wireless and IT assets. This includes, but is not limited to, wireless devices (phones, smartphones), tablets, laptops, monitors, desktop computers, servers, wire line phones and air cards. We are fully compliant with the EPA Universal Waste Rule as well as other Federal mandates, regulations and guidelines for responsible, green recycling. Firefly has a zero landfill policy meaning that no wireless or IT e-waste will be sent to landfills and no wireless e-waste will end up in developing countries. Firefly utilizes industry leading Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle policies that incorporate the highest data security and data deletion measures for our clients and partners.



For Our Clients

Firefly is committed to capturing the highest value possible for their pre-owned, end of life technology. We will significantly offset the cost of technology upgrades by maximizing the residual value of these pre-owned, end of life devices.

For Our Partners

Firefly provides an industry leading, seamless process that provides wireless and technology partners a truly sustainable “win-win-win” solution for their business while adhering to the strictest data security and environmental standards in our industry.

For Our Environment

Firefly upholds the highest environmental standards at our facilities and with our downstream recycling partners.
It is our mission to reduce e-waste in our environment.

Firefly IT Asset Recovery offers a premier solution for our wireless and technology partners and their management when acquiring new clients. Our solutions assist with the reduction of new equipment costs and early termination fees for the client by purchasing their used or end-of-life wireless and IT equipment. Firefly enables our wireless and technology partners the opportunity to present an unexpected revenue source to the client, making it much more cost efficient for companies to upgrade their wireless or IT equipment and services.