IT asset management is a growing, vital part of many enterprises today. Recovering revenue, securing corporate data and protecting the environment all serve an important purpose in today’s business climate.

Choosing a reputable wireless/IT asset recovery company encompasses many considerations such as:

Is the company experienced and compliant with all EPA guidelines?
Do they provide a dedicated account manager that understands your company’s needs?
Do they provide a seamless, easy to understand process for effective management of your equipment?
Do they accept all types of IT equipment?
Do they provide the highest value for your wireless and IT assets?
Do they delete all sensitive corporate data and destroy all recorded data via DOD approved methodologies for recycled devices?
Do they have errors and omissions insurance that protects you in the event of a breach of security?
Is the company’s downstream provider’s e-steward and ISO 14001 compliant?
Do they have a zero-landfill policy?

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